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Pregnancy massage and bodywork

There is no routine in what I do. A full assessment will be undertaken and from there I can work on areas of the body that need support. This can include rebalancing of energies using Shiatsu points, bodywork, support to the lymphatic system, spine and pelvic manipulation.

A 60 minute session costs - £45

The Postnatal Massage

This massage is aimed at stressed areas of the body following transition into parenthood. A full assessment will be undertaken, and while I will work on areas that need support, I also appreciate this is a well earned chance for relaxation. A 60 minute session, guaranteed to leave you feeling totally relaxed!

Cost -£45

Deep Tissue Massage

a 60 minute appointment (including consultation on first appointment) specifically designed to rid tension, knots, increase flexibility and mobility. Each massage is different and tailored to the needs of the individual. This is a much deeper massage that can cause slight discomfort as tight muscles are being worked.

Cost -£45